Misty Fjords 

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Fly with us on this full 2 hour tour into the Misty Fjords National Monument. This 2.3 million acre monument is home to the most breathtaking and beautiful scenery in the world. 

The Misty Fjords National Monument is one of the most majestic creations on earth, surrounded by towering cliffs and waterfalls cascading into emerald waters. The last ice age created this dramatic landscape in Alaska, as the ancient glaciers receded, they left us with sheer granite walls that join the ocean in what we call the Misty Fjords. Scenery ranges from tidal inlets to mountains often shrouded in mists, sky-blue lakes, waterfalls and the seemingly endless evergreen forest. Misty Fjords is only accessible by floatplane or boat from Ketchikan. 

While out in the Fjords we plan about a 20-30 minute remote landing for you to get out of the aircraft, stretch your legs, take in the natural beauty and take photos, but we can alter trips depending on your preference to land near orcas, bears in the wild, or spend as much time as possible on a remote inlet, weather conditions permitting.

Glacier Tour

The Glacier Fiords tour is an extension of our regular Misty Fjords tour. The flight portion is an additional 30 minutes as we continue past the saltwater fjords up a lush river valley to the hanging glaciers that remain from the last glacial age. Adjacent to the Canadian border we will fly over the face of the Soule Glacier and then up a river of ice to its source, a massive ice sheet high in the mountains.  

From this vantage point, one can easily see the forces that created the Misty Fjords and how the ice continues to sculpt the land. This two and a half hour tour includes the same shore stop excursion as described in the Misty Fiords tour. Occasionally, due to lower cloud heights, the glaciers are not visible. In that event we would only fly the Misty Fiords portion of the trip and the price would be charged accordingly.

The Fjords and Glacier combination tour includes 2 hours of flight and a 30 minute landing. All tours include complimentary ground transportation to and from our dock which adds fifteen minutes to the beginning and the end of your tour. For this tour you will need to budget three hours total time.